Vox’s Carlos Maza is trying to get Steven Crowder’s YouTube channel banned? Gosh, we’re shocked.

Oh, wait.

Fascists are gonna fascist. Never mind, we’re not shocked.

Carlos has been openly trying to get Steven shut down, from tweeting to his followers about flagging episodes to outright telling them to contact YouTube and all because he doesn’t like the things being said on the channel. Someone should tell Mr. Maza if he doesn’t like the show he doesn’t have to listen to it.

We especially like how Steven points out that he doesn’t understand the ‘playbook’ … honestly, who does? No one can understand the rules of social justice.

This is not about Steven against some guy at Vox though, this is about silencing voices they don’t like.

And holy crap, we had no idea how much money Vox was getting from various, bigger outlets.


Carlos also made a video claiming Fox News is propaganda that we wrote about last week.

Honestly, it should be shocking how this Carlos guy can hide behind a ‘label’ and an ‘identity’ while he attacks and literally bullies people for so-called hate speech but sadly it’s not.

Infuriating, yes.

Shocking, no.


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