Chris Cuomo wants people to put their politics aside and talk about whether or not they think Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platforms are doing enough to stop disinformation and hate.

Isn’t that adorable?

‘Politics aside’, says the hugely and obnoxiously politically biased CNN talking head.

After what he pulled with Kimberly Corban Chris should probably take a seat when it comes to hate and disinformation.

They need to stop evil Republicans from putting together several clips of Nancy Pelosi and making her look bad. But you know, it’s totally cool that Chris was a sexist jerk about a rape survivor just yesterday …


Let’s hear it for CNN!

We’re not holding our breath for this to happen anytime soon.


We’re seeing a theme here, Chris.


Since he works at CNN you’d think disinformation is sort of his bread and butter though, right?


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