Thinking Nancy Pelosi took Donald Trump’s ‘speech’ in the Rose Garden on Wednesday pretty seriously.

Uh-oh, Nancy. Leftist heads explode in 3 … 2 … 1

Perhaps she figured out that Democrats really don’t have much to run on next year and if they can’t even get infrastructure done they’re in deep trouble. Suppose if they want to keep playing chicken with Trump that’s up to them but we don’t see how this ends well for Democrats in 2020.

Trump’s greatest superpower is that he simply doesn’t GAF.

And they won’t be at that place anytime soon.

Keep telling yourself that, Nancy.

She did follow up with this:

Nice try but eh.

Trump just keeps calling their bluff. It reminds us of Obama’s magical red line in the sand …


Poor dear.

They are indeed.

Ain’t it great?


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