Scott Dworkin spends a lot of time spreading conspiracy theories, fear, false news, and outrage and oddly enough his account not only still exists on Twitter, but he has a pretty blue check.

Meanwhile, they’ve banned Alex Jones for basically doing the same things.

Hey, it’s a private platform and we’re certainly not defending Jones, but once again Twitter can’t seem to be consistent enforcing their own Terms of Service.

We know, you’re super shocked.

Nice conspiracy theory there, chief.

We’re still shocked anyone takes this yahoo seriously.

Wait, you know what, it’s the Left. We take that back, we’re NOT shocked they take him seriously. He feeds them exactly what they want … anger and paranoia about Trump.

They really weren’t.

True story.

This editor hates to use her own tweet but it triggered the Lefties on the #PutinsGOP so much …

So really it’s not the GOP throwing a fit on this tag, it’s the Left throwing a fit because they are the Left.

Also, this is at the top of the most popular tweets on the tag … womp-womp.

That could work.

We’re starting to wonder.


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