Chris Murphy really believes we have to provoke terrorists for them to threaten us.

That would be adorable if it weren’t so damn dangerous.

Granted, his hatred of Trump has blinded him to reality but still, this thread did nothing but scare the stupid and enrage the not-so-stupid.

In other words, bow down.

No thanks.

So they support terrorism BUT since Trump named them as a terrorist group Chris is against it.

Imagine defending terrorists to dunk on the president.

Yes, it’s totally Trump’s fault when someone chooses to be radicalized.

Are you guys reading this? WOW.

Wait, what?

The amount of spinning Chris did in this thread in essence to defend a bunch of a-hole terrorists is impressive in a bad way.

Dems are even scratching their heads here, Chris. ^

They just need more jobs!

*adjusts tinfoil hat*

Chris doesn’t want mean ol’ Trump picking on terrorists.

Can’t make this crap up.


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