Some of the best accounts on Twitter are parody accounts.

Like @TitaniaMcGrath and @Sean_Spicier

But apparently, if your parody makes fun of a certain popular Socialist Democrat Twitter will shut it down, even if it has over 85k followers.

Twitter has suspended the AOC Press Release (@AOCPress) account which is obviously a parody. It says so RIGHT in the name.

Oddly enough, there are tons of Trump parodies, but this one account was a no-go.

Wonder if she complained to Twitter that it sounded too much like her? If her cult was getting confused?

This editor has had to look for that blue check more than once.


When the account is already a parody maybe they should suspend other parodies?


If so Twitchy is in deeeeeep trouble.

Man, we hope not.

We adore her.

Twitter likes to suggest following people like Chris Hayes and Jennifer Rubin to this editor, like THAT will happen.

Even AOC supporters know this is BS.

We’re starting to wonder.

It’s almost like Twitter wants to fail.


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