It’s adorable how hard the Leftist rag, HillReporter, tried to prove that Ted Cruz’s feelings were hurt by Jim Carrey because he called Twitter out for banning certain right-wing accounts, like James Woods. Ted pointed out how gross and ridiculous Carrey is and that Woods is locked while Ace Ventura is free to tweet more garbage was just more proof of their bias.

We’re not sure where they got the notion that Ted’s feelings were hurt …

Maybe these folks shouldn’t write for an outlet if their reading comprehension is this sucky.

Ted Cruz responded as only he can.

Let everybody speak and let the people decide.


No government regulation.

No biased enforcement of Twitter Terms of Service.

The people decide.

Damn right.

True story.

And of course, since Ted nailed it the idiots who seem to somehow skirt by Twitter TOS were front and center throwing their sad little tantrums.

Which is how you know Ted is RIGHT.

And yet she’s on his timeline.


What they do and don’t want to read.

And the award for the least original troll goes to …

Sadly he’s really not.

But whatever floats this person’s boat.

Truest response on this entire thread.


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