Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims went viral for being a complete and total douchebag to an elderly pro-life woman outside of a Planned Parenthood. Imagine being so absolutely gross that you think harassing an elderly woman is something to brag about.

Democrats. *smh*

Welp, as you likely guessed, Brian was called out for his bullying … and then he doubled down.

How old is this guy? 12?

And people ELECTED him.

That’s insane.

But she disagreed with him politically so it’s ok or something.

Pretty disgusting for a citizen, abhorrent for an elected official.

Why not both?

And we’re pretty sure the elderly woman wasn’t the one doing the bullying.

What a douche canoe.

We can’t help but wonder if the woman could press charges for harassment.

Details details.

Annnd curtain.


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