You know that face you make when you’re driving in the Left lane and the person in front of you just hovers there going a teensy bit faster than the right lane but not fast enough for you to get around them? Yeah … just made that face.

What the heck is this person even talking about?

A great case?

We were thinking more like headcase but hey, what do we know?

Have they not been paying attention to what’s happening in Venezuela? Asking for a friend.

More proof that echo chambers don’t do anyone any favors.

And of course, Dan has that pretty blue check that tells us Jack approves of his content.


And then they can tell us all about how rad Venezuela is.


Impressive, right?

We’re pretty sure this Lavender person didn’t mean to be funny but we definitely giggled.

Citizens are literally being RUN OVER but you know, orange man bad and stuff.


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