You know those tweets you read and think to yourself, ‘B*tch please’? Or is that just this editor?

Welp, even if you don’t have that much cynicism built up about politics in 2019, this tweet from Resistance goombah Scott Dworkin preening on and on about why we need #MedicareForAll should at least garner an eye roll or two.

Ugh, groupthink.

No thanks.

Can’t help but notice how Scott leaves out exactly WHO will pay for this giant Medicare disaster and that’s it definitely more ‘them’ than ‘we.’ Last time we checked the people he’s pandering to don’t exactly pay all that much in federal income taxe in the first place.

Our thoughts exactly.

But the VA is RAD, ask AOC.

Ever notice the only solution Democrats ever have for any issue or problem is raising taxes?

And never their OWN.

Looking through Scott’s timeline (which is challenging since he blocks basically anyone who disagrees with him) we almost feel sorry for him with other tweets like this …


FYI, it didn’t trend. Heh.


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