Alyssa Milano telling Democrats they must continue calling out Trump’s lies … that’s adorable. Especially when she’s quote-tweeting a tweet from the media pushing the false narrative about Trump supposedly lying about doctors/mothers killing infants who survive a botched abortion, even though he was all but quoting Gov. Ralph Northam of VA.

Pay special attention to the labels she is claiming the GOP is painting Democrats with.

Hate to break this to her but she just literally described the Democratic platform. Sure, she was far more honest about who they are than our delicate presidential hopefuls on the Left but still. They support abortion on demand up to and even including birth, open borders, and gun confiscation. Can’t even make this crap up, Alyssa.

If the shoe fits, wear it and stuff.


Check and check.


Tough crowd.

They’re angrier at Trump for quoting Northam than they are about a sitting Governor nonchalantly discussing euthanizing a baby who has survived a botched abortion.

That is the Democratic Party of 2019.

Wow, Alyssa … this went well.



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