We’ve known the media is biased for years. But to see Meet the Press interviewing Sally Yates about obstruction of justice regarding Trump may be the most biased of the biased yet. Add to it the journo interviewing her was Andrea ‘I Love Hillary So Much’ Mitchell and just wow.

Well, if Sally Yates SAYS so …

Oh, wait.


Mollie Hemingway had some thoughts on this interview as well.

If you can stand to watch the whole interview you’ll see that it really wasn’t an interview so much as it was an opportunity to be catty and gossipy while pandering to their audience knowing how desperate they are for Trump to be guilty of ANYTHING.

Yeah, we know, it’s pathetic at this point.

That too.

As long as the media is willing to keep pretending and protecting these folks they won’t get it.

In other words, SQUIRREL!


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