Julian Zelizer tried picking a fight with Kellyanne Conway over her comments around AOC saying nothing about the terror attacks that killed hundreds of Christians on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka. Apparently, he misheard her and thought she’d been talking about the Synagogue shooting in California.

Kellyanne wasn’t exactly thrilled with this guy.

He did actually apologize.

Yeah, we were shocked as well.

But this exchange somehow triggered AOC into finally explaining why she, a fairly prolific tweeter who has been known to tweet about absolutely NOTHING, has been silent on the Easter Sunday terror attacks.

Oh, good grief.

Someone’s a teensy bit defensive.

Would be nice if AOC would include how poorly Democrats handled the aid sent to PR but we know she has a narrative an agenda to push so we’re not surprised she’s putting this all on Trump.


Sounds like someone got her talking points from the DNC. Way to go, AOC.

Alrighty then.

Kellyanne responded.

You know Kellyanne smiled when she wrote this tweet.

And oopsie.

AOC totally tweeted about her Netflix movie the day after the Easter terror attacks.


‘Call me,’ she says. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yeah, THAT’LL happen. Heh.


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