Liz Warren’s big agenda item for conning people into voting for her in 2020 (besides reparations) is pushing the elimination of student loan debt. In essence, Liz’s platform is all about the many ways she can buy peoples’ votes.

There’s just one big problem with her ‘plan’. Ok, so there are several problems with this hot mess BUT the biggest problem of all is who this policy would actually help. Rep. Dan Crenshaw was more than happy to lay it out for Liz in case, you know, she missed it.

Elitism promoted and facilitated by the government.

It’s the Democrats’ way.

And technically it AIN’T free. Where does she think funding for public schools comes from? The magical money tree?

It’s sort of like immigrants who came to this country legally, right? Those who have repaid their student loans put in the work, they followed the rules and now Liz wants the government to look the other way for those who have NOT repaid their debt so she can buy their votes. Granted, deep down she knows Republicans will never let this fly and then she could just blame them when student debt doesn’t go away.

Looking at this policy, it seems Liz only cares about helping the WEALTHY.

Ain’t that a kick in the head?


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