No matter how much the Left shrieks about Russia there is one very simple thing that none of them seem able to come to terms with and that is Obama was president if and when Russia ‘interfered’ with an election.

They can shake their tiny little angry fists at Trump and Republicans but at the end of the day IF anything truly transpired it did so on Obama’s watch. You know, the guy who told a top Russian official that he’d have more flexibility after his election.


Sharyl Attkisson wrote a fantastic piece on this scandal:

From Sharyl via The Hill:

There’s at least one conclusion on which there’s largely bipartisan agreement: Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election. No vote tallies were changed, according to Obama administration intel analyses, but the interference was serious enough that many insist drastic steps must be taken to avoid a repeat in 2020.

The official reaction to it has begun to unfold as a Keystone Cops-type response by top Obama intel officials. They appear to have been so distracted by political motivations that they lost sight of the very danger they now claim threatens our democracy.

Her ten factors are spot on, FYI.

Tell a lie enough times and eventually, people start believing it?

Luckily the Left took Sharyl’s story to heart and is giving it some serious thought … JUST KIDDING.

These people are so freakin’ predictable.

And this person is a DOG so they’d totally know. TOTALLY.

Obama was the victim? Huh?

RepubliCONS … whoa, that’s super cutting and edgy.

Oh, wait.


Yeah yeah, we know, the truth hurts.


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