The good people at The Babylon Bee took it upon themselves to provide the ‘media’ with a handy dandy reference guide for how to refer to various World Religions if they’re ever unsure when covering them. Like for example, the hundreds of Sri Lankan Christians aka ‘Easter Worshipers’ who were murdered in terror attacks this past Easter Sunday.

We’re pretty sure Dems and the media won’t be quite as amused as we are by this guide but meh.

When looking at this guide, Easter worshipers isn’t quite as insulting … heh.

Gotta love the ‘Cow Avoiders.’

Their term for Scientology though may be our favorite.



Good question.

True story.

No offense to any crazy cross-fitters reading this.


They’re all spectacular.

In this light, this editor who happens to be an ‘Easter worshipper’ is both offended and flattered as well.

Leave it to The Babylon Bee.


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