Welp, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has really been making a fool of herself again, this time by claiming the VA isn’t broken and the GOP is only ‘trashing’ the giant, bureaucratic nightmare so they can make money on vet’s healthcare.

Yeah, we get it, she has to somehow convince people the VA doesn’t suck so she can pretend the government controlling healthcare isn’t a bad thing.

Socialists. *eye roll*

Like any good Democrat, AOC is POSITIVE the solution is throwing more money at the problem.

And there it is. For AOC, this isn’t about helping the vets, this is about protecting her master, the federal government.

Wonder what vets have to say on this?


Good point. Gotta love how elected officials like AOC pretend government healthcare is so RAD knowing they will never have to use it.

The whole thing is Hell.



Why do better or be better when they know there is zero competition and vets have no choice? That is EXACTLY what government healthcare takes away … choice.

Yeah, we’re sure she’ll get right on that.

True story.

Or better yet, privatize it.

And THAT sums the VA up PERFECTLY.

Totally inept.


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