This Andy West person should have stopped his tweet after the word, ‘but’.

BUT you know he didn’t … and the rest of the tweet is just a hot dumpster full of hate, bigotry, and stupid, all wrapped up into one.

Did he REALLY write, ‘Don’t send your prayers”?

Takes a seriously awful person to shame people for praying for Christians, especially hundreds of Christians who have just been murdered.

Just wow.

Heather brings up a really good point. There are plenty of atheists out there who just don’t believe in God, it’s the anti-theists like Andy who seem to be the biggest bigots of all.


Us too, although this editor did tell him she’d pray for him … which only made him mad but still.


He’s a Leftist, these same people booed God at their convention and couldn’t bring themselves to call the victims of this horrific attack, ‘Christians.


It does sort of read that way, doesn’t it?

Holy cow.

If he was trying to double down on being a disgusting jacka** he succeeded.

Narrator: He didn’t stop.

Imagine this is your reaction after hundreds of Christians have been killed. Just unreal the hate.

Did we say wow yet because WOW.

We’re not sure there’s a person on Twitter who needs prayers more than Andy.


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