Typically at Twitchy, we don’t write about ourselves because we’re supposed to write about what everyone else is saying. PLUS you get enough of us here, why would you want to read our tweets too? HOWEVER, this editor’s tweet to Hillary Clinton is the reason there’s an article at all so here we are.

As you know, dear reader, Hillary, Obama, and other a-hole Democrats couldn’t bring themselves to say the word ‘Christians’ and instead called the victims of the terror attack in Sri Lanka ‘Easter worshippers.’

We already covered how much she sucks for this tweet.

Anyway …

This lovely, innocent, smiley editor was good enough to correct this old lady who will never EVER be president.

And for some reason, this enraged Jared Kotler.

We know what you’re thinking … not THE Jared Kotler!


Yeah, we had NO idea who he was either but after a brief Google it appears his ‘band’ Marcy Playground was responsible for the one-hit-wonder, ‘Sex and Candy.’

Nice ratio, eh?

Seems any ol’ bigot can call themselves a rockstar and get a blue check on Twitter, as long as they hate the right people.

Well, then this charmer tried to shame this editor for telling Hillary what to say.


Jared proceeded to express his bigotry against Christians all over this editor’s timeline which is again WHY this editor used her own tweets.

Keep in mind, this is his response to HUNDREDS of Christians being murdered for their faith.

He’s special, right?

Something is nauseating here, but it ain’t Christianity.

Humanists can’t bring themselves to say the word, ‘Christians.’

Alrighty then.

There are several more tweets from our good friend, Jared, but they are so foul and contain so many curse words that we’d have to screenshot dozens of them … let’s just say someone needs to get this guy a mirror so he can see who the real bigot is.

Editor’s note: Hundreds (maybe thousands) of people have reported Jared’s comments for targeted harassment of a protected group and thus far (surprise surprise), Twitter has done NOTHING. Look, this is our shocked face.


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