Full disclosure, this editor had zero idea who Mikel Jollet was before seeing his ridiculously stupid tweet about Trump, Omar, and Osama bin Laden. After looking him up we found he’s just some frontman for a band we’ve never heard of … but of course, he hates the right people so Twitter saw fit to give him a pretty blue checkmark.

Oh, and his take wasn’t just ridiculously stupid. Nope.

It was disrespectful, repugnant, and vile, which is probably why he eventually deleted it but luckily we were able to find a screenshot of it so you, dear reader, can shake your head along with us. Take a gander.

So Osama bin Laden killed 3000 Americans so we’d elect someone like Trump to be mean to Muslims?

We’re starting to understand why nobody has ever heard of this guy.

No no, he’s the frontman for a band … which is basically the same thing, right?


We read and write about a LOT of stupid tweets but this one is monumentally batsh*t.

Hottest. Dumbest. Same difference.

Who knew?

Yeah, we’re thinking the same thing.

Osama was PSYCHIC?

Minds blown.

And with people like Omar and AOC? That’s saying something.

If you’re ‘crediting’ Osama bin Laden to dunk on Trump it MIGHT be time to see a doc for your TDS.

Just sayin’.


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