This editor comes across some pretty stupid threads while reading through timelines. It’s Twitter and more often than not, people are, well, sorta stupid. But every once in a while a stupid thread REALLY stands out, one that BEGS to be written about, one from a famous person who has blocked Twitchy … like this disaster on taxes from Alyssa Milano.

Things to remember about taxes.

From Alyssa Milano.

Have we mentioned everything is stupid?

Because. People. Paid. Less. Taxes.

Tax refunds aren’t made up of money the government just magically decides to give certain Americans.

Ugh, our head hurts. The stupid … wow.

The media did their job then, didn’t they? Reality is most Americans received a tax cut and if Obama and the Democrats had done this the media would have made sure EVERYONE knew it. But since it was evil Trump and the Republicans they did their best to push the lie about the rich and corporate taxes.

See what we mean?



Big companies that sustain and grow communities while employing people? Monsters.

Americans aren’t dumb.

Alyssa on the other hand …


Who knew most Americans were GOP donors?


Never EVER trust Democrats.

It’s like Alyssa and the Left don’t understand how taxes work.

No, no she does not see that.

They said please.

Yeah, us too.


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