Jennifer Rubin’s dream ticket poll reads like something you’d see on HuffPo or Slate … but don’t worry, she included Jim Mattis to prove her conservative cred.

Granted, she has him listed as Kamala Harris’ VP but hey, at least he’s there, right?

Have you ever shook your head so much that you accidentally rattled your own brain? This editor may well have just done that. Nothing says ‘conservative blogger’ like posting a dream ticket poll full of Democrats. Hey, even Yashar Ali noticed her poll was strange, especially since she continues to call herself a conservative.

Yashar makes an excellent point. One can absolutely be a conservative and not support Trump but usually, even the conservatives who may dislike Trump have conservative opinions and ideas they share here and there. And you can bet your backside their ‘dream ticket’ doesn’t include Stacey Abrams, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, or Beto O’Rourke.

1/1024 Conservative.


She’d be far more content, and far more believable if she just admitted she’s not a conservative anymore.


We went with the ‘Carrots are crunchy!’ option.


Ain’t THAT the truth.


Sooo … she’s hangin’ with HOES? AOC’s latest pander may be her most shameless YET (look OUT flyover country!)

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