Awww, how adorable!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wished everyone a ‘Happy Sunday!’ and then asked for pointers on her community garden plot.

We’re honestly surprised she didn’t use her farmer accent in this tweet which would have read something like this:

‘Howdy y’all it’s Sunday! I’m fixin’ to start a lil ol’ garden here to show the city folk how it’s done. :)’

She’ll get there, it takes practice to type with an accent.


We’re all in this TOGETHER!


Told ya’.

We didn’t say it.

Ok, so we sort of used part of it in the headline and included the tweet.

And we laughed our as*es off reading it.

But we didn’t say it.

Darn it!


Yeah yeah, this editor is totally immature. Such is life.

We SO need someone more talented than us to make a Green Acres meme with AOC.



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