Have we mentioned people are losing their minds more and more?

Because yeah, they seriously are. It would seem this woman/man/person became angry with a Mexican woman in a public place for wearing a Trump hat.

Yes, this is another one of THOSE videos …



Wonder if this rage-harpy was literally shaking? We especially like how she (he, zhe?) starts filming the Mexican woman wearing the Trump hat and talking about getting her address as a means to threaten her … what a sweetheart.

And huzzah for the gal in the Trump hat not taking any crap, who appears to be this Tweep:

When will these angry Lefties figure out they are only helping Trump win another term when they attack people over a freakin’ hat?

The timing of this video being posted on Twitter is interesting, what with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blaming the Right for some jacka*s threatening Ilhan Omar’s life. The next time you come across someone a Lefty claiming it’s the Right that has issues with violence and hate, send them this video.


It’s JUST a hat.


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