Nothing inspires people to watch, listen, and donate to your outlet like making disgusting, vile, anti-Semitic comments about your competition.

You’ll TOTALLY want to send this Rick Wiles guy money after watching this clip.



This is one of those things where you watch and think to yourself, ‘OMG, this can’t be real.’ But from what we can tell, it is.

Sounds like someone is jelly of Ben, right?

Or absolutely batsh*t … perhaps a little of both.

Ok, let’s not even pretend Rick’s ‘TruNews’ could even be considered competition for Ben Shapiro and ‘The Daily Wire,’ but why else would this lizard-looking fellow who clearly needs more fiber in his diet be trying so hard to convince people it’s bad for Christians to support Ben?

And Andrew would be right.

Dammit, this is why we can’t have nice things.

Ben should thank Rick for helping him sell more books.


Hey, maybe Rick will get all cranky with Twitchy and inspire more people to read us? It could happen. We make Ron Perlman cranky all of the time.

Rick tried really hard to shame Christians for supporting Ben … that doesn’t seem to have worked out so hot for him.

Something like that.

It’s almost like watching an SNL skit.


Hilarious even.


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