No matter how many times the Left, the media, Twitter, and even Hollywood tried to bury and shut down the ‘Unplanned’ movie, they come back stronger than ever.

Which says a good deal about what is happening in this country when it comes to Planned Parenthood and the number of people who are seeing through what their operation really does. The narrative that PP provides healthcare is finally starting to falter; as the Unplanned account tweeted, ‘The tide has shifted.’

And yes, they surpassed 300k followers, just sayin’.

Man, Lefties have had a rough couple of weeks. Heh.

And you can tell just how bad it has been from how they reacted to this simple tweet about life.

Awww, is this like when they donate to PP in the name of pro-life thus proving them right in that the abortion clinics don’t need government funding?


Yeah, boooooo life.

Super classy.

This is their PAC – if we were to list all of their accounts we’d be here all day.

And be absolutely disgusted at how Twitter verifies these butchers over and over again.

These folks better start paying attention … just sayin’.


Told ya’ they were cranky.


It really is.


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