It’s been a while since we wrote about Tom Arnold so this editor wandered over to Tom’s timeline and yeah … it’s still a dumpster fire of angry. But one tweet stood out and that was Tom’s response to someone making fun of him for being on Alyssa Milano’s list of has-been actors who are boycotting Georgia over their pro-life bill.

Imagine boycotting a state because they want to protect life.

Hollywood, right?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down there, chief.

Tom seems a teensy bit sensitive, doncha think?

Although if this editor is being fully honest, ‘The Stupids’ was pretty damn funny, in a sort of really stupid way if that makes sense. Hey, we can dig his work and still think his politics suck.

130 movies. Who knew?

See? Defensive, right?

Maybe if he thought about WHY people are busting his chops for being listed on a boycott threatening Georgia instead of lashing out at them he’d actually figure out what is going on here. Like this editor said up there (yeah, there), Tom is a funny dude. But his obnoxious and polarizing politics really get in the way.

Just sayin’.

Pay attention, Stanley Stupid.  ^

Oh, yeah, about that whole interning for Twitchy thing …


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