Conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin appears to be an AOC fangirl.

Alrighty then.

Hey, to each their own but the moment a so-called Conservative starts cheering a Socialist Democrat in ANY capacity they should have to turn in their conservative card. Just sayin’.

Look at this …

She’s at her best when she’s throwing a tantrum and babbling about nuclear codes being sent on Instagram by WH staffers.

You know that face you make when you can’t remember if you set the DVR to record the newest episodes of Supernatural? Just made that face.

We get it, she hates Trump but C’MON, seriously?


This will never NOT be funny.

Possible. She certainly seems to be ‘acting’, that’s for sure.

Wait, maybe that’s Jenn’s plan! To support and rally AOC so she stays front and center in hopes that it will hurt the Democrats in 2020?


Oh, ouch, our sides.

Our exact reaction.


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