As Twitchy reported, Newsweek came to AOC’s rescue after her ridiculous claim about the 22nd Amendment during her MSNBC Town Hall on the Green New Deal. She claimed Republicans passed the 22nd Amendment so they could stop FDR from running again.

Even though he was dead.

And the amendment didn’t pertain to sitting presidents.

Yeah, it was bad.

Welp, after they came to her defense it seems they decided to change the headline (that AOC actually used to defend herself) after getting dragged mercilessly.

Smooth move, Newsweek.

Gotta love a news outlet that stands by their reporting, right?

Wow, we’re almost embarrassed for Newsweek.



Is this more of a slam on Newsweek or on AOC?

True dat.

Yes and yes.

We live in crazy times.


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