Poor CNN. Seems their ratings have been in the proverbial toilet since Mueller wrapped up his investigation and concluded Trump did not collude with Russia.

Then again, we all know their ratings haven’t been great in a long time but this past week or so they’ve been worse than usual. But don’t worry, CNN wants everyone to know the real reason their ratings are down and you guessed it, this is somehow Trump’s fault. Wait, Barr’s fault.

Same difference.

Stop laughing.

Ok, laugh a little, this shiznit right here is funny.

OH, that’s it. It’s not that CNN was caught with their pants down pushing a HUGE hoax for two years, it’s that there hasn’t been a lot of news this week.

Repeat after us, CNN … FAKE NEWS.

Yeah, nothing much going on.


Orange man BAD, duh.

And that explains SO MUCH.


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