As Twitchy reported earlier, Cory Booker said a bunch of stupid stuff about guns during his Town Hall on CNN. And being that it was CNN nobody bothered to correct him, except Dana Loesch. Welp, being the total coward we know Cory to be, he took a screenshot of Dana’s tweet and debated it … without tagging her.

That’s like subtweeting on steroids.

Seems Dana caught wind of his tweet and called him out; notice, she did NOT just subtweet him.

Cory is clearly scared of Dana. Sorry, not sorry.

And yeah, he still got everything wrong.


It means Cory was being all big and bad pandering for his followers hoping Dana wouldn’t see it. Like we said, coward.

Dude, right?


So using that.

He’s a Democrat, that’s how.

That seems a little low.

He did indeed.

Yeah, Cory, grow a pair.


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