Betsy DeVos posted the facts around the cuts the Department of Education is making, predominately in the area of students with disabilities. The media and Democrats have been telling everyone and anyone that Special Olympics is LOSING THEIR FUNDING, implying the organization is entirely dependent on government monies.

This is an insult to both DeVos and Special Olympics, and to their athletes.

Here are the facts:

When you look at it like this, you know, in the reality of the cuts, it’s not quite as scary. But that didn’t stop Rep. Eric Swalwell from trying his best to dunk on DeVos, and of course he had to exploit someone with a developmental disability to do it.

He. Is. Infuriating.

And such a damn liar.

Did we mention he’s infuriating?

Freakin’ California.

Write a check, Eric.

That would be zero.

Of course he is.

Whole lotta truth here.

It’s gross and pathetic.


Would expect nothing less from Eric.


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