John Schindler is an interesting account to follow when he’s not charging people TO read his tweets. Guess he felt his tweets about Trump not being indicted were important enough for all us freeloaders to see.

His reasoning is … interesting.

And by interesting we mean absolutely ridiculous and unbelievable.

Not just too secret, but SUPER secret.

Seems Schindler was being called out by Bradley P. Moss for being embarrassingly WRONG when he claimed Trump would end up in jail for the rest of his life.

What’s that old saying again? Womp-womp.

We like how he uses a bunch of acronyms to pretend he knows what he’s talking about.

‘No no, Trump is TOTALLY guilty but since his KLP clearance is I03 that means EIA can’t move in and correct his 34A (wait, that’s a bra size, scratch that) so duh, they couldn’t indict Trump.’

Most of these yahoos are still in denial. When they get to the ‘anger’ stage of grief Twitter may actually implode from the screeching, frothing, and fist-shaking. Eat yer Wheaties.

We knew it!


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