When even Wolf Blitzer points out the Trump investigation is basically a done deal while interviewing Rep. Eric Swalwell about WHY they’re continuing to investigate Trump you know Democrats may finally be going too far.

The look on his face right before they cut to Eric babbling about how it’s their Constitutional responsibility is the best.

Granted, this may be the look Wolf always has on his face …


Different than proof beyond a reasonable doubt? Huh? Talk about a bunch of ridiculous world salad. Eric would have been better off to admit they don’t really care what they can get Trump for, they just want to GET HIM.

Conduct we expect from our president … have they seen the Democrats we’ve had in office?

This just gets funnier and funnier. And sorry, Eric, we’re laughing AT you, not with you.

It’s so bad.

Not the first time a Democrat has weaponized the government but we digress.

Nice alliteration.

And spot on.

It’s pathetic. They’d be better off apologizing to the entire country and moving on to talk about their policies at this point but we all know they won’t do it which will make 2020 even BETTER.

Welcome to 2019.


He does remind us of Eddie Haskell.

And we’re done here.


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