Isn’t it fascinating how many people on the Left and in the media are suddenly experts on what obstruction of justice looks like? And by fascinating we mean annoying as all get out. Like this nugget of ‘wisdom’ from Jonathan Chait on how obstruction of justice supposedly works.

Yeah, we made the same face.

From NY Mag:

Barr’s logic is upside down. He is saying the finding of no criminal collusion undermines the findings that Trump obstructed justice. In fact, the obstruction undermines the findings of no criminal collusion.

And ya’ know, Chait knows better than the guy who’s an attorney and stuff.

Mueller has apparently found no criminal collusion between Trump and Russia, a finding that is hardly shocking. As Trump’s defenders have pointed out, collusion is not a crime. There are crimes that fall under the category of collusion — many former prosecutors have theorized that Mueller could indict Trump or his campaign under a conspiracy charge. Mueller did not find evidence strong enough to prove in a court of law, and possibly not at all.

It is bizarre, however, to spend two years insisting collusion is not a crime and then turn around and call the absence of crimes proof that there was no collusion.

Or you know, it’s even more bizarre to accuse someone of collusion for years and then continue complaining when they are cleared of said collusion.

Admit it, you’ve done a lot of head-shaking today, right?

So clearly Chait has been colluding with Russians.

Or something.

And if he denies it that’s obstruction of justice?


Chait responded:

Yeah … no.


That seems incorrect because it IS incorrect.




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