Democrats have been pretending that AG Barr only spent two days ‘coming to a conclusion’ on the Mueller report … or maybe we should say they’ve been LYING about it. Pretending doesn’t seem nearly harsh enough for the bullsh*t they’ve been trying to pull over our eyes since their precious report that was supposed to end Trump turned out to be a dud.

Yup, the timing talking point is a lie as well.

Oh, so it was a few weeks ago … not just two days.


Gosh, we feel shocked.

Here a lie, there a lie … everywhere a lie, lie.

Yeah, good to know. At this point, it might be more newsworthy if they actually told the truth about something.

And just look at how the Left reacted on this thread:


This is probably not an Adam Schiff joke but we so want to pretend it is … so it is.

They are freakin’ out, yes?

We almost feel sorry for them.



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