We kinda sorta figured the Left would lose it after we saw Graham’s presser just a bit ago, especially the fact that he intends to get answers to a lot of questions nobody on the Left will really want to answer.

Then there are some people who are like, fine, bring it on.

We agree.

Let’s get it all out in the open so Americans can really get an understanding of how underhanded and corrupt the government may have been here.

Almost as if on cue though, a Lefty blue-check named Lesley Abravanel attacked Lindsey’s sexuality):

Uh-oh, she deleted it.

Lucky for her we grabbed it before she did. We’re sure she’ll be thrilled with us for documenting her tweet.

Rough crowd.

That’s adorable.

Nah, she just meant to crap on the good senator, nothing more.

And sorry if her homophobic tweet came off as homophobic.

People don’t seem to be buying what she’s selling here.

Told ya’ they were pissed.

Thinkin’ this may have been too little too late.


Being gay isn’t an insult.

And gosh, they’re always insisting it’s the Right that is homophobic and bigoted.


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