We’re starting to think Brian Stelter wants us to make fun of him …

Solid reporting on Trump-Russia mystery? What is this dude ON?! It’s interesting watching the firefighters at CNN pretend they weren’t actually part of the whole pushing of the collusion narrative. Brian doesn’t think any of us have been paying attention apparently.

He would be mistaken.

From CNN:

So far, we know very little about what’s in Robert Mueller’s report, but we know, from Attorney General Bill Barr, that Mueller did not find collusion. On the issue of obstruction, Barr and deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein determined that the evidence was “not sufficient” to support prosecution. Trump, true to form, went too far and said he had been completely exonerated. But Sunday was just day one of a multi-day story…

Yes, it’s Trump’s fault.

*eye roll*

And of course Bri’s contribution is about how people are going to pick on the media over all of this:

We live in a big wild world of “media.” Try to tune out the partisans who paint with a broad brush — the ones who cherry-pick individual errors and try to punish the press as a whole. The rhetoric from folks like Donald Trump Jr. is predictable and cynical — they just want the “media” to be the enemy.

The media HAS been acting like the enemy. Someone wanna get Brian a mirror? Seriously.

Whoa, this is SO GOOD.

Serious LOL on this one. Yup.

Tough crowd.


Lots of good, solid advice here, Bri.

Good luck with that.


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