Anyone else starting to wonder if media types can actually read or understand English? We get it, they’re completely in denial about what the Mueller report has made painfully clear, that Trump did not collude with Russia, but c’mon. We are almost starting to feel a little embarrassed for people like David Corn.


Look at this nonsense.


From Mother Jones:

And Trump champions popped the cork and declared case closed, nothing to see, end of story, no need for further investigation, Trump did no wrong.

Well, that is fake news.

Barr’s note is clear that Mueller did not uncover evidence Trump and his gang were in direct cahoots with Russia’s covert operation to interfere with the US election and boost Trump’s odds. But the hyper-focus on this sort of collusion—as if Trump instructed Russian hackers on how to penetrate the computer network of the Democratic National Committee—has always diverted attention from a basic and important element of the scandal that was proven long before Mueller drafted his final report: Trump and his lieutenants interacted with Russia while Putin was attacking the 2016 election and provided encouraging signals to the Kremlin as it sought to subvert American democracy. They aided and abetted Moscow’s attempt to cover up its assault on the United States (which aimed to help Trump win the White House). And they lied about all this.


You know what, we can’t even at this point. It’s clear David just can’t accept reality.

And aww, ain’t he cute using fake news like that? What a zinger!

This is going swimmingly, David.

Yeah, David, why don’t you focus on a real problem … one Democrats have caused.

Oh, wait.


OOOOH, she means talk about how Hillary actually did collude with Russia. Our bad.


MAN, Tom Hardy is FINE.

And true story, that is bait.


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