Takes a phony to know a phony, eh?

Charlotte Alter is a national correspondent for Time magazine and incidentally, she is the author of the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez piece featured in the Leftist birdcage liner. She seems to think the reason people ‘her age’ embrace Democratic socialism (which is really just socialism) is because they’ve never benefitted from American prosperity.

Talk about a bunch of spoiled little brats.

From Time:

The woman everyone calls AOC is as much a villain to the right as she is a hero to the left. She’s replaced Hillary Clinton as the preferred punching bag of Fox News pundits and Republican lawmakers, and the hits are taking their toll. Public opinion of Ocasio-Cortez has soured as she becomes better known; according to a Gallup poll conducted in February, 31% of Americans overall have a favorable impression of her, against 41% unfavorable—a 15-point swing since September.

There’s just one big problem with her claim about prosperity.

Oh, so she has prospered. A LOT.

And clearly, so has AOC.


Damn those fruit roll-ups!


If Time wants to push the ‘poor millennial’ narrative they shouldn’t use a prosperous millennial to do so.

Just sayin’.


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