Must. Not. Make. A. Wang. Joke.

Ugh, this editor is fighting so hard NOT to be completely immature on this topic that her right eye is twitching … true story.


Let’s try this.

Ben Shapiro and Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang will debate circumcision.


From The Daily Mail:

Democratic presidential contender Andrew Yang agreed on Wednesday to have a debate with conservative radio host Ben Shapiro on the issue of circumcision.

The two came to an agreement on Twitter to have a conversation about the issue, which Yang is opposed to.

‘Would be happy to have a convo – my team will follow up,’ Yang tweeted to Shapiro.

Everybody ‘Wang Chung’ tonight?

Couldn’t HELP IT. You’re not the boss of us!

Oh, look, we put Tony Posnanski in a Twitchy article and we’re NOT making fun of him for once. Did Hell freeze over or what?! Make sure and tell him he’s been featured in a positive light on a right-leaning site, he’ll LOVE THAT.

YEAH! Wait, what?

Stop it.



And you thought 2018 was nutty.



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