There’s a reason Trump is so quick to call the media fake news, and it’s not just because Jim Acosta is a total rage monkey who can’t help but throw a hissy-fit every time the president speaks. Nope, there is actually much more to it, and Brit Hume shared a fascinating (shocking) thread from ‘Undercover Huber’ showing how quickly and blatantly the Left is to push conspiracies they hope will hurt the president.

Look at this …

Make sure and adjust your tinfoil hat before reading much further.


Always good to see King Bulwark.

Sensing a trend here, yeah?


But Trump!

Yeah, follow the chain here.

And man, what is it with Twitter verifying so many accounts with a fist as their avi? You know what, don’t answer that.

No, anything and everything that can hurt ‘the orange man’ is worth their attention. And yes, this is a healthy conversation for Twitter because ORANGE MAN BAD.

Crazy stuff, man.

And now we’ll sit back and wait for all of these conspiracy theorists to take it back.

We figure we’ll be here a while.


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