For months now we’ve listened as AOC and this new crop of Democrats spread fear and rhetoric about how the world will END IN 12 YEARS (or would that be 11 YEARS and nine months now?) if we don’t give up planes and hamburgers and accept the magical GREEN NEW DEAL.

And for months we’ve been making fun of these same people claiming the end is nigh so they can control how we live.

If you ever wanted a serious history lesson about this ‘Green New Deal’ and ultimately about how Democrats function (and how damn sneaky they are), look no further than this lengthy but entirely worthwhile thread from @ScotsFyre.

Social justice twaddle.


So wait, climate change isn’t just an AOC thing? GTFO!

Looks a little bit like Bill Nye’s grandpa.

10th time?


Awww, there’s ol’ Cankles, doing her part.

HA! We totally forgot he won … what a silly award that’s turned into.

We feel shocked.

This sounds strangely familiar.

Sidenote, AOC and her Chief of Staff have reportedly been de-listed from the Justice Democrats.

And we’ve come full circle.

They may take our planes but they will never take OUR HAMBURGERS!

We can do that.

And all Democrats have ever cared about is power.

‘Nuff said.


Quickest 15 minutes EVER?! AOC and Chief of Staff DE-LISTED from powerful left-wing group that ‘catapulted her to victory’

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‘CONGRATS! You’ve played yourself’! AOC going THERE to prattle on about racial injustice doesn’t end WELL for her