Last week, Twitchy covered the fact that Google had magically made Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore disappear from their history.

No, seriously.

One day if someone searched Moore he showed up as a co-founder of Greenpeace and then a few days later, nada. *POOF*

Moore, of course, dared to speak out against AOC’s silly Green New Deal which ticked off Greenpeace who tried to claim that he wasn’t one of their co-founders. Then a few days later Google had seemingly done their part in erasing history.

All to support a certain narrative.

Sharyl Attkisson happens to be somewhat of an expert on censorship:

It’s worth a Google … oh wait.

And pardon our tinfoil, but the idea of any one group or company having the power to literally make someone or something they disagree with ‘disappear’ is terrifying.

Move over 1984, welcome to 2019.

We’re past ‘getting out of hand’ if this is really happening.

It’s like a really creepy episode of Black Mirror.

Average works.

Tightens tinfoil.


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