Would someone pretty please with sugar on top tell whoever is writing tweets and or speeches for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that not EVERYTHING is about race? Seriously. We realize Democrats have like a dozen talking points they push over and over again regardless of the situation but c’mon.


System failure. Didn’t she just say the majority of kids in public schools are Black and Latino? So if it’s a system failure … wait, what?

We should know better than to try and make sense of her tweets, ignore us.


We’re thinking AOC didn’t do her homework on Stuyvesant …

Another day, another AOC fail.

Hey, we suppose if this somehow works for her she should go with it and hey, who are we to complain? We get to write about her being a doorknob … again. Whoohoo for job security! Wait, AOC is accidentally creating jobs, who knew?


But that’s not FAAAAAIR.

Good point. If AOC really wants to tackle the issues in public education going the lazy ‘racist system’ route isn’t the answer. It’s a far bigger issue.


You know what? Nope.

Can’t. Even.


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