Shannon Watts is making up more crazy nonsense about Dana Loesch and the NRA. In other words, it’s another day that ends in ‘y’. After all of these years, you’d think Shannon would have learned her lesson about picking a fight with Dana (likely behind a block) but nope, here we are again.

We’re starting to wonder if maybe Shannon ate a few too many paint chips as a child …

People are forced to join the NRA when they buy a gun? For real? And c’mon, members FUND the NRA, Shannon, so we’re pretty sure that gives them some power.

Did she really accuse Dana of bastardizing the Second Amendment?

Nonstop silliness is spot freakin’ on.

Shannon is accidentally one of the best lobbyists for the Second Amendment, sort of like how Obama was one of the best gun salesmen of his time.

Laughable and damn annoying.

It’s all a PLOT!

The stupid, it burns, right?

Quick, get ’em!

In other news, water is still wet.

And Shannon just can’t quit Dana.


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