More and more Democrats seem to be losing steam when it comes to Mueller’s investigation ENDING TRUMP’S PRESIDENCY. Perhaps they’ve figured out the whole Russia conspiracy thing is silly? Or maybe they’re just desperate enough for him to fail (and the country if need be) that they will turn their support to a ridiculous Congress that will do anything it can to find something they can impeach Trump over.

And by Democrats, we mean Jennifer Rubin as well. Oh, she can claim to be a conservative all she wants but that’s just more BS.

Think we’re kidding? Look at this hot mess from WaPo’s ‘token conservative’:

And of course, her article is behind a paywall.

But hey, here ya’ go … from The Washington Post:

Democrats commenced a long-overdue, broad inquiry into President Trump’s possible corruption, abuse of power and obstruction of justice. Much as the soundbite-obsessed media want to ask over and over again whether this means impeachment, “this” is about finding and displaying to the American people all the facts. The notion that Congress should not investigate all of Trump’s wrongdoing for fear of appearing to overreach is daft; the diversity and seriousness of Trump’s wrongdoing shouldn’t earn him a pass on some subset of them. Which potential crimes and impeachable offenses should Congress not investigate?

What happened to Mueller, Jenn? These people would be better off to admit Trump’s biggest crime in their eyes is WINNING the election.

Meanwhile, Democrats keep doing whatever they can to overturn the election.


Same group is ok with a token liberal attending a conservative conference and crapping on the pro-life movement because ORANGE MAN BAD.



Anything they can find to impeach Trump. Sad, ain’t it?


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