Rep. Dan Crenshaw in all his eye-patch GLORY dropped a whole lot of truth on our sweet, tolerant, friends on the Left about why they REALLY don’t like tax cuts. He pointed out that the discussion is not about tax rates but about whether or not the government should take more of the people’s money. Then he really hit Democrats right in the kisser talking about how they think it’s ok to just keep taxing us more and more to fund their progressive BS.

In other words, he just nuked the Democrats. Not in a Rep. Eric Swalwell sort of way but still …








This is actually a pretty good idea.

We’ve never known the Left to be big fans of reality so we’re pretty sure they won’t appreciate Dan’s explanation as much as we did.

But that means Democrats (and some Republicans) would have to give up their power, and like THAT will happen.

Damn right.

Crenshaw 2024


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