Okay, we can all stop worrying about America now because Jennifer Lawrence has laid out a plan to save the country.


Thank goodness a Hollywood elite is taking time out of her busy schedule lecturing her fellow man to literally write a plan to save America.


Have we mentioned lately how stupid everything is?

From the Orlando Sentinel:

“So the question is how do we unrig this system?” says Lawrence, who clearly doesn’t just play a superhero on the big screen. “I’m obsessed with this idea – not just of unrigging it, but actually fixing it.”

The solution, according to Lawrence and Silver, is the American Anti-Corruption Act. It aims to wrestle power away from billionaire donors with key changes such as ending gerrymandered voting districts, establishing automatic voter registration and overhauling lobbying laws.

“If you do nothing,” Lawrence says in the YouTube video, “nothing changes.”

Alrighty then.

Here’s the entire video (you’re welcome):

Oh brother.

But those other billionaires are the real bad guys.

Hey man, you don’t know that.


We all need a hobby, right?

They have to save us from ourselves ya’ know.


Thank goodness! *eye roll*


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