Chris Hayes ALMOST did his job interviewing Elizabeth Warren on her ‘war chest’ … almost.

Watch her fumble and bumble through her response about raising money and campaign finance:

Yes, blame Republicans because you’re a huge hypocrite, Elizabeth.

It’s all their fault you say one thing and do another.

And you know what, her voters will shake their little fists and pretend she’s not talking out both sides of her face.

Well duh, she’s not only a politician, but she’s a Democrat.

Although this is pretty horrible; she campaigned on the idea that she would not desert her constituents and run for president. Then again, this is the same broad with the biggest self-own maybe in history so are we all that surprised? No.


Pretty sure she couldn’t tell ya’ either.

Right? Actually, we all need an ice cold brew if we’re going to make it through these next two years of stupid.

But evil Republicans make her take their money! ORANGE MAN BAD.

Yup, gonna be a long two years.


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